The Johannesburg Dream Center is a non-profit company that was founded in June 2014 with the objective of poverty alleviation within and around Johannesburg, South Africa. This means tackling issues such as hunger, unemployment and other basic needs.



The Johannesburg Dream Center is a Christian organization and so services/outreaches are done from a Christ-based approach. Our services are offered to all people in need regardless of their religious denomination. We believe that God is still able to perform all the miracles as talked of in the Bible and will do so. God is able to heal Johannesburg and the people of Johannesburg.



We aim to be a place of reconciliation between different races, ethnicities and faiths. The Johannesburg Dream Center is a neutral space in which we may work together to change the lives of people who need help in Johannesburg through our various projects. We work together with the people who need help to uplift and bring them out of poverty.