Alicia-Charne Swanepoel

Alicia has been involved in multiple community and social upliftment efforts in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. She is passionate about reconciliation and helping to change the lives of those in need. She would like to see denominationalism and church politics come to an end in South Africa. She is a director, founder and the CEO of the Johannesburg Dream Center. 

Rudi Swanepoel
Debbie Pelser

Rudi is passionate about poverty alleviation and job creation in Johannesburg. He has many a time gone to extreme lengths to help others get what they are in dire need of, even if it meant giving his own away. He would like to see employment rates go up and poverty statistics go down. Rudi is a director and founder of the Johannesburg Dream Center.

Debbie Pelser is an international speaker and evangelist who has spoken and brought hope to people in severe poverty. She has brought hope in various environments including a refugee camp in Tanzania and various extreme poverty communities. She is passionate about making a difference through motivating people and spreading the Good News world wide. She is a director of the Johannesburg Dream Center.


Zakhele is a CA with a passion fOr people.He would like for everyone in South Africa to work towards the goal of making the country a better place for everyone.  Zakhele is a director at the Johannesburg Dream Center