947 Cycle Challenge

We are very excited about the 947 Cycle Challenge this year and know that every rider will make a difference. By cycling for us you will be able to raise funds and awareness for our cause. You will be making a real difference in our charity and you will be making an atmosphere changing commitment to Johannesburg! A commitment to not just complain and feel sorry for the little guys and their families who society so often overlook but be taking a real stand for them and their chance at making a better life for their families.


Riding for Johannesburg Dream Center will give your efforts a cause to drive you when things are tough, a team to support you and motivate you along the way, encouragement to train hard and make it work as well as a good seeding time for the team. The current charity starting time is currently 8:45 and 9:15 but may change later on but will remain a favourable starting time for many riders.


From our charity's side we ask that each rider commits to raise as much as they can for our cause but at least R1000. Our next starting time will be determined by the amount each person raises and so is an important aspect for the future. We will help with ideas, forms, advice etc in this regard. We will also be designing a team shirt which will be at each riders cost -> more details to follow soon and will be there to support you on the day and along the journey to 20 November.

In order to ride for us please:

1. Sign up for the race on the 947 Cycle Challenge Website or click on the "Enter Now" button below

2. Fill in the Cycle Challenge Atmosphere Changer Sign Up Form on this page.

3. Send your proof of entry to info@johannesburgdreamcenter.org


We will add you to our list that we send the 947 Cycle Challenge Team as we need 20 people to ride for us in order for our charity to be accepted! 

***Please note that Mountain Bike entries will not have a better starting time as the Ride for a Purpose initiative is based on the 947 Cycle Challenge but you are welcome to ride for us as an Atmosphere Changer in the Mountain Bike Challenge as well***